Monday, June 11, 2007

Deadline & other details...

Someone asked about a deadline; I'm inclined to leave it open for now, but it would be great if you could set and post a goal amount of blocks per month. I know some of us could do one a day, while others are lucky to finish one in a week -- and that doesn't take into account other knitting projects.

Personally, I'm going for between 4 & 12 per month -- that will also depend on how many I can get out of a skein of yarn. I'll do some measuring and decide on how many blocks we need per blanket (opinions always welcome).

Regarding seaming... I'm open to volunteers -- someone commented they might be able to get their local knitting group to help with one. I might be able to do the same, there is an mdc mama in the next town who runs a fairly regular knitting group, so I could ask her.

Feel free to pass this blog address on to other knitting friends -- we aren't exclusive to MDC here, necessarily. :)

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