Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wool Ease Chunky

I found WE Chunky at Joanns on Wednesday so I got a skein in Spice. They also had walnut but not any of the other colors. Also, they had no cotton-ease. I will try to get to Michael's or Pacific Fabrics or something this weekend or next week to look for Cotton-Ease.

Should we try to organize a tally of who has what colors, to try for an even mix of blocks? Or should we just go for it and see what we end up with?


Cinnamonamon said...

Yea, I think everyone has picked up Spice so far -- it is such a pretty color, isn't it? :) I don't know that we need to keep a formal & perfect tally, but it does need to be evened out a bit with other colors. I'll probably buy another skein in a week or two & I'll make sure I buy whatever color we're needing.

xan&ali said...

I will get a different color ;) I had spice of the thick and quick but I'll need to exchange that anyway. I'll post when I get it swapped.